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Roskilde University

Roskilde University's primary objective is to contribute to experimental, innovative forms of research, learning and problem-solving that contribute to society's development. The Research Unit on Climate & Energy build on more than 30 years of experience in transdisciplinary research on society, environment and energy at Roskilde University. We work with creating knowledge on transitions to renewable energy, creating effective renewable energy systems and increase the utilisation of local resources for energy production. The unit is part of the research group METRIK, located in the Department of People & Technology (DPT) at Roskilde University. Our research is problem-oriented, aimed at working with applied problem solving and thereby creating knowledge on how the energy systems of our society may transition to renewable sources. We do so by taking part in realising different energy projects and plans. In the BEA-APP project we are contributing studies on spatial planning instruments and innovative financing systems, as well as a range of case studies from the Danish Region of Zealand.

This project finished in 2019 and therefore the website is no longer updated. Please contact the individuals listed on the the Contact & Imprint page with project-related questions.