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European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)
European Union Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR)



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WP 2: Optimising spatial planning instruments for a sustainable growth of renewable energy

WP 2.1 report: State of play of spatial planning for renewable energy in the BSR

WP 2.2 report: Transnational recommendations for improving spatial planning for renewable energies 

WP 2.3 Report: Regional added value of renewable energy in the BSR


WP 2.4: Regional renewable energy concepts

Region Blekinge renewable energy concept - English summary 

Central Finland climate change and adaptation programme - English summary

Vorpommern regional energy concept - English summary 

Skåne climate and energy strategy until 2030 - English summary 

Regional renewable energy concept in the Central Functional Zone - English summary 

Sustainable energy plan Rouge - English summary

Kaunus renewable energy concept - full report

Kaunus renewable energy concept - executive summary

Municipal energy concepts in Zemgale Region, Latvia:

municipal energy concept - Aizkraukles

municipal energy concept - Aknistes

municipal energy concept - Auces

municipal energy concept - Bauskas

municipal energy concept - Dobeles

municipal energy concept - Iecavas

municipal energy concept - Jaunjelgavas

municipal energy concept - Jekabpils

municipal energy concept - Jelgavas

municipal energy concept - Krustpils

municipal energy concept - Ozolnieku

municipal energy concept - Plavinu

municipal energy concept - Rundales

municipal energy concept - Salas

municipal energy concept - Tervetes

municipal energy concept - Viesites


WP 3: Increasing stakeholder participation and social acceptance

WP 3.1 Regional stakeholder maps and analyses of decision flows

WP 3.3 Stakeholder involvement plans: Transnational lessons learned report on stakeholder involvement


Stakeholder involvement posters

Green industrial areas in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany

Urban planning for solar energy in Lund, Sweden

District heating and offshore wind in Blekinge, Sweden

Geoenergy in Äänekoski city, Finland 

Renewable energy - renovation of the village hall in Rouge, Estonia

Sustainable district heating in Kaunas, Lithuania

A sustainable energy approach in the Central Functional Zone, Poland

A smart heating system in Zealand, Denmark

Biogas in Odsherred, Denmark 


Pilot projects (WP 4)


Pilot report: Green Industrial Areas

Brochure: Green Industrial Areas in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (in German)


Report on the geoenergy potential of Ääneniemi (Finnish pilot) 


Report on sustainable DH systems in Kaunas (Lithuanian pilot)

Magazine article about the project and the Kaunas County case (in Lithuanian)

Article about BEA-APP in the research magazine "Power Engineering", published by Lithuanian Academy of Sciences (in Lithuanian)


Feasibility study on biogas in Odsherred (in English) 

Feasibility study on biogas in Odsherred (in Danish) 

Feasibility study on the offshore/onshore windmills in Köge Bay

Feasibility study on the offshore/onshore windmills in Köge Bay (in Danish)

Feasibility study on district heating (in English)

Feasibility study on district heating (in Danish)


Feasibility study "Lightning audit of streets, communication routes and public spaces in the designated area of Połczyn-Zdrój" (in Polish)

Pilot report: Sustainable energy town centres located in the Central Functional Zone


Pilot report: District heating in Blekinge  

Pilot report: Offshore wind power in Blekinge

Pilot report: Urban solar planning in sydvästra Lund 


Pilot report: RES mix in the Rõuge village hall