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West Pomerania, Poland

The Central Functional Zone of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship

Sustainable energy approach for Central Functional Zone to support tourist industry and improve the quality of life

The Central Functional Zone (see map) is a sparsely populated rural area, situated in the centre of the Westpomeranian Region, at some distance from the bigger cities. A big part of this area is under specific nature preservation forms, which narrows down the development possibilities. Because of those determinants, the activities should be undertaken in order to implement distributed energy, which is perfect for this kind of area.

The basic idea for this regional pilot case is to define and implement intelligent renewable energy solutions that could support the development of the region's touristic potential. This idea stems from the research paper Strategic perspectives of the Land of the Black Lilac (Perspektywy Strategiczne Krainy Czarnego Bzu, 2014, dr hab. inż. Roman Galar). Energy produced from different renewable energy sources would gradually replace the energy from conventional sources and increase the energy efficiency in all fields of tourism.

Within the BEA-APP regional pilot activity, problems encountered by local stakeholders through RES investments will be investigated. Based on that, recommendations for the location and implementation of future renewable energy projects will be developed.

The pilot project also includes a feasibility study on spatial possibilities of using the renewable energy potential in the chosen area.

The benefits of renewable energy projects for inhabitants and communities will also be investigated. Those could be e.g. programmes for public participation or attractive offers for investors, who would be encouraged through access to stable and safe energy sources.

This project finished in 2019 and therefore the website is no longer updated. Please contact the individuals listed on the the Contact & Imprint page with project-related questions.

Responsible partner

Regional Office for Spatial Planning of Westpomeranian Voivodeship


Justyna Strzyżewska
+48 91 432 49 71

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