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Skåne, Sweden

The new urban district Sydvästra Lund

Urban planning for solar energy in Lund

The City of Lund, located in the Skåne region with 115 000 inhabitants, has an ambitious programme for renewable energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The city is planning for a new urban district, Sydvästra Lund (see picture), which will also include a new train station. The train station is planned to be ready by 2024. Ensuring a high share of renewable energy supply is an important aspect in planning this new district. The city of Lund is especially looking into possibilities for solar energy installations in the new district. In collaboration with the municipal planners and other stakeholders such as energy company Kraftringen and Lunds University, Skåne Energy Agency within Skåne Association of Local Authorities will further investigate methods for solar energy planning and installations in the area. We will use both surveys and workshops as methods to optimise for solar energy installations.

Results of the pilot study:

  • A 3D model of a fictional block area illustrating the best conditions for solar energy installations in the area Lunds Sydvästra;
  • A method for assessment of potential solar energy installations in the area of Lunds Sydvästra using results from the 3D model;
  • A report on the lessons learned in the process of developing a tool for solar energy installations in a new area that will be of relevance and interest to other regions in the BSR and beyond.

This project finished in 2019 and therefore the website is no longer updated. Please contact the individuals listed on the the Contact & Imprint page with project-related questions.

Responsible partner

Skåne Energy Agency


Per-Johan Wik
+46 728 - 85 49 31

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