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Rõuge village hall

RES mix in the Rõuge village hall

The pilot project focuses on the renovation of the Rõuge village hall, including the optimal selection and installation of renewable energy technologies as well sustainable and smart landscaping of the surroundings. The overall area to be planned is 2 hectars, the built-up area is 1200 m2. The energy and heating systems will integrate ground source heat pumps with photovoltaic panels and traditional wood-burning stoves.

The Rõuge village hall, owned by the municipality, forms a cultural cluster together with the school and parish church. The village hall is used as a community centre for a variety of public and social events, such as parish meetings and workshops, receptions and functions, a small theatre and cinema as well as local entertainment productions, dances, and private parties. The village hall contains one large room and a few smaller rooms. In short, the village hall and its surroundings will be developed for the benefit of the local community.

The process of development exemplifies innovation in detailed planning, RET-based engineering, energy efficient renovation and sustainable landscaping solutions in a small town.

Responsible partner

Tartu Regional Energy Agency


Antti Roose
+ 372 7635374

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