Central Finland

Geoenergy use in a new residential area in Äänekoski city

Geoenergy is a prominent, new renewable energy source in the Central Finland region. Present geoenergy utilisation in the region is on a household scale and larger scale geoenergy is very new in Finland. A regional level study on potential geoenergy sites already exists, based on the bedrock materials and the depth of the soil layer. In order to get further with the utilisation of the geoenergy, more detailed study is required. A geoenergy pilot study will be carried out for Ääneniemi residential area in Äänekoski city.

Results of the pilot study:

  • Estimation of geoenergy potential in the area,
  • Proposal on production possibilities (both small and large scale production; heating/cooling),
  • Geoenergy potential map,
  • Guidelines to land use planning,
  • Practical info for the builders

Responsible partner

Regional Council of Central Finland


Hannu Koponen
+358 40 595 0009

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